Before you make the important decision to repair or replace your roof, read about some of the experiences of our satisfied customers

As the chairman of the Residents’ Association of my cluster house complex, maintenance and repairs are a large part of my responsibility. Our houses, built in a Tuscan style, have roofs with peaked sections and also many areas of flat roofs. With all the summer storms that we have been having, I was being inundated with reports from residents about leaking roofs. BLUE HEAVEN ROOFS AND GUTTERS was recommended to me, and from their initial consultation onwards our minds were set at ease. Their expert roofing technicians made a detailed inspection of the entire complex, and provided us with a thorough inventory of essential repairs that were needed, including cracked tiles causing serious water build-up on flat sections, and flashings around the skylights that are a feature of our complex which needed urgent attention. Their quote was sensible and reasonable, and considering the amount of work that this involved, they completed the job swiftly and professionally. We will definitely be keeping in touch with them for further repairs and maintenance.



My elderly house is full of character and charm, but over the years has reached a point where it needs quite a bit of renovation. My roof was leaking rather badly, but the thought of a garish new roof ruining the antique ambience of the house put me off doing anything about it. Then I heard about BLUE HEAVEN ROOFS AND GUTTERS from some friends who had been impressed by their ability to judge each situation on its merits, and this they certainly did. They assured me that nothing so drastic as a completely new roof would be required, and with their incredibly thorough treatment they replaced the broken tiles that were causing the leaks in areas around chimneys and ridges, making sure that they were painted to blend in with the existing tiles. They also suggested new gutters to replace the ancient worn-out ones. I was delighted and reassured by this personal and sympathetic service.



Our holiday home has an iron roof, and I never really gave much thought to its maintenance, but seeing some of our neighbours having roof repairs done made me consider calling in the experts. BLUE HEAVEN ROOFS AND GUTTERS seemed to be doing a great deal of work in the area, and I arranged a consultation with their very impressively experienced technicians. They suggested several expedient actions, including replacing the ridge tile cement and cleaning the valleys and flashings. They also strongly recommended treating the roof to protect it from rust and moisture to which it is exposed being at the coast. This work was done with an absolute minimum of fuss and disruption, so that our family holiday was not seriously affected, and I feel that I have added a good many years to the life-span of my roof and a great deal of value to the property.



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