Roof Installation Johannesburg

Are you having sleepless nights about a leaking, sagging roof that is causing your home to look dilapidated and unattractive and, worse still, is threatening to cost you a fortune in repairs or replacement? Roof Installation Johannesburg  are here to offer you complete peace of mind.

You can rely on our roofing company’s years of experience in this field and on our reputation for reliability and excellence of workmanship. Our expert roofing technicians will visit your property and provide you with a detailed assessment of your roof’s condition. Remember that the expense and inconvenience of completely replacing the roof can often be avoided by repairs carried out with skill and pragmatism.

Professional inspection of your roof can reveal problem areas which, dealt with in good time, can avoid the necessity of more drastic repairs and add many years to the life-span of your roof. Efficient waterproofing can also solve many potential leak problems.

We offer repair or replacement of tiles or shingles, and our expertise also extends to flat concrete roofs and iron or corrugated steel roofs. We will deal with repairs to parapets, sidewalls, chimneys and the flashing that surround skylights, ducts and vents. We repair fascia and barge boards.

We are also guttering specialists – our gutters and downpipes are custom-manufactured on-site for your dwelling using the latest technology. New gutters can completely transform a house or building, and we offer a wide range of colours to complement the style of your house or office building.

Contact Roof Installation Johannesburg  to arrange a consultation with our roofing experts, and start to solve your roofing problems today.