About Us

Are you the owner or manager of an institution such as a school, a recreation centre, a girl guide hall, or a sports club? If you are, you probably do not have large financial resources at your disposal with which to fund repairs to your premises.

Our roof repair company in Johannesburg completely understands your situation, and also appreciate the fact that sometimes urgent repairs become necessary. You have a huge responsibility to the students, patrons and members who make use of your facility, to provide them with premises that are safe, weather-proof and comfortable as well as reliably available for use at all times.

Over many years of working in the field of roof repairs, we have discovered that the best solution to this particular dilemma is constant and careful maintenance. This ensures a consistent level of safety and reliability and eliminates some potentially catastrophic situations. Being suddenly faced with enormous expenses for extensive repairs is something you want to avoid, as is the disruption to your daily activities, plans and projects that a large repair job would entail.

Call us without delay if you have any concerns, and we will be able to solve your roofing problems before they even begin. Our company’s reputation for excellence and trustworthiness makes us your ideal partner in keeping your institution running smoothly and your budget under control.